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The Seven Year Itch…

Final first of using the wax first wanted to use poly – jim, brian, and Kierian said to us something else. Getting away from chemicals is in my nature Brian gave me wax Process of installing the top Money shot All that’s left is glamour pictures

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The Final First

The finishing regime evolved from the time my, then pregnant, wife peered over my shoulder in the pre-Pinterest/Instagram days of searching the internet. I had saved a bunch of Google image searches to a Word document and we both agreed … Continue reading

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Those Who Can, Teach

My local club asked me to teach a class a few weeks ago. I was both excited and honored. We settled on a basic cutting board class as it was geared toward those who’ve never attempted a woodworking project or touched … Continue reading

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Blood Is Thicker Than Water

As discussed, ad nauseam, I’ve been trying to finish up The Dresser. The dearth of information here at the blog is due to the work I’ve been putting in on the drawers. Well, that and the holidays. I was hoping to … Continue reading

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Problems Holding Up My Drawers

This post goes out to those, like me, that have never planed down a bunch of drawer sides to fit into their corresponding openings. I was looking for a way to easily plane down the sides without awkwardly clamping, unclamping, … Continue reading

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Resource Sharing

The architects of the early ARPAnet likely didn’t anticipate the negativity of YouTube trolls or the Yik Yak hate speech fueling a raging race fire. However, I’d like to think in the deep recesses of their minds they dreamt about seemingly abstract entities, with avatars … Continue reading

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Bag It, Tag It

Today’s post is brought to you by hides and carcases. I finally completed and glued up all the interior components (carcase for the non-woodworking readers) of my daughter’s chest of drawers. This seemingly small feat signifies a huge step in … Continue reading

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