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Concealing Mistakes

With the decision to create breadboard ends made, the focus quickly turned to sourcing¬† material. As I’ve lamented in the past, my part of Cleveland is a bit of a hardwood desert. I only needed one 6″ wide x 48″ … Continue reading

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Failure & Wisdom

With the two huge slabs sufficiently flat, I was eager to apply glue and bust out the long clamps. Fortunately, my beard accumulated a touch more gray since my last large panel glue up. Therefore, I spent a full night’s … Continue reading

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Properly Built Dining Tables Start With Large Televisions

Where were we? The base was done but the top needed attention. Nature did most of the heavy lifting on the tabletop. I just needed to position the grain correctly and concentrate on tight joinery. The only downside of these … Continue reading

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A Base to Successful Marriages

My wife asks for few things. Very few things. In fact, on the subject of furniture projects, she has only asked for one thing: a dining room table. Two years ago (technically it’s closer to three – ref.¬†The Big Reno), … Continue reading

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Cutting Boards

I know, I know, it’s been an eternity. When I started this blog I knew there might be times when life interfered with writing. As Billy Pilgrim taught me years ago, so it goes. Most of the delay has been … Continue reading

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