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The Final First

The finishing regime evolved from the time my, then pregnant, wife peered over my shoulder in the pre-Pinterest/Instagram days of searching the internet. I had saved a bunch of Google image searches to a Word document and we both agreed … Continue reading

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Manageable One Hour Chunks

On the ride home from WIA, I told Brian I wanted to tackle the dresser with ernest and maybe get it done before Christmas. I set a goal of fine tuning and gluing up one of the seven drawers per … Continue reading

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Resource Sharing

The architects of the early ARPAnet likely didn’t anticipate the negativity of YouTube trolls or the Yik Yak hate speech fueling a raging race fire. However, I’d like to think in the deep recesses of their minds they dreamt about seemingly abstract entities, with avatars … Continue reading

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It Takes a Village

In today’s final installment of Colin’s Toy Chest build I’d like to send a special shout out to the many people who made this build possible. ChuckM for helping miter the mouldings on the rickety miter saw at the shop, … Continue reading

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For Jim

I read a blog post from my internet woodworking buddy Jim recently.  It reminded me of the term Gumption Traps from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I too suffer from these episodes. Currently, I’m not going through this phase … Continue reading

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