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Fall Fun

Multitasking gets a bad rap. I was always the kid with headphones on listening to music while walking to class, playing Nintendo, or just about anything else that let me. As the gray hair count increases I find myself listening … Continue reading

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A Review of Grandpa’s Workshop

It was a day or two after Christmas 2012 when I first read Grandpa’s Workshop to my then 2-year old daughter. I didn’t realize it then, but I may’ve been reading the most overlooked and unheralded book in the Lost … Continue reading

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A Slight Detour

A few weeks ago I was walking around the Home Depot with the family picking up various whathaveyous. One item on the list was another small, plastic adirondack chair for the girls. When you have two kids (with opinions, language skills, … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

After lots of travel this month I was able to get in the shop this week and bang out one of the toy boxes for Woodworkers Fighting Cancer. If you aren’t aware of this, please head over to Marc’s site … Continue reading

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Kids Stool Finished

I was back in the shop this weekend cleaning up the stool for my daughter and teaching her how to use some of the equipment. Here she is giving it a test run. I was ready to put on a … Continue reading

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Stand Up!

Last month I saw a post from Bill Schenher at Billy’s Little Bench about getting kids in the shop. His daughter is a year or two older than my oldest. I was intrigued by the stool she was standing on … Continue reading

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Less Than Perfect. More Than Neccessary.

With all the woodworking done I turned my attention to finishing. Not knowing any better, I bought General Finishes “Milk” Paint on my last trip to Woodcraft. My mom picked out Lamp Black so black it was. I still don’t … Continue reading

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