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The Seven Year Itch…

Final first of using the wax first wanted to use poly – jim, brian, and Kierian said to us something else. Getting away from chemicals is in my nature Brian gave me wax Process of installing the top Money shot All that’s left is glamour pictures

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The Final First

The finishing regime evolved from the time my, then pregnant, wife peered over my shoulder in the pre-Pinterest/Instagram days of searching the internet. I had saved a bunch of Google image searches to a Word document and we both agreed … Continue reading

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Design Decisions on the Dresser

Before going into the design decisions, let me catch you up on the dresser: 1. I attached the back. It was more eventful than it should’ve been but it’s done. 2. I took the plunge and cut up the boards … Continue reading

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Cutting Boards

I know, I know, it’s been an eternity. When I started this blog I knew there might be times when life interfered with writing. As Billy Pilgrim taught me years ago, so it goes. Most of the delay has been … Continue reading

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A Little Bit of Moxy

I finished up work on the Moxon vise. This is my first experience with stuff from Benchcrafted. It lived up to the hype. The project was easy and I happened to have some leftover 10/4ish cherry about the right size. … Continue reading

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Keim Lumber: You Just Gotta Go

So one of the things most troubling about moving to a new location is having to find a new everything. From grocery store to barber to dentist to vet to…well you get the idea. I’m happy to report, I can … Continue reading

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