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Two Each. Her Own.

In my brief tenure as a father, I’ve learned many lessons. One of the most crucial came shortly after our second daughter was born. I was concerned I would never love a second child as much as I loved the … Continue reading

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Love Thy Neighbor

With the dresser safely in the rear view mirror, I’m ready to move on. ¬†Today’s post is a first in a series of catching you up on few side projects I cooked up and some I still have cooking. I … Continue reading

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The Seven Year Itch…

Final first of using the wax first wanted to use poly – jim, brian, and Kierian said to us something else. Getting away from chemicals is in my nature Brian gave me wax Process of installing the top Money shot All that’s left is glamour pictures

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The Final First

The finishing regime evolved from the time my, then pregnant, wife peered over my shoulder in the pre-Pinterest/Instagram days of searching the internet. I had saved a bunch of Google image searches to a Word document and we both agreed … Continue reading

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Hardware Heroics and Hardships

I asked my blog readers for some help on installing the hardware a few weeks ago. And boy, did you guys came through. I read and thought through all the comments and reread the sections on propositions and hardware installation … Continue reading

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Stile Faux Pas & Finalizing the Drawers

Stile Faux Pas When designing the way the stiles (vertical dividers on the front of the dresser) attach to the carcase openings, I opted for a combination of stub tenons and half lap joints. For the two centered dividers¬†(i.e. the … Continue reading

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Mild Bout of Hubris

If, unlike this blog, you’re not stuck in the past, you may already have seen the final shot of the dresser all gussied up with hardware and a spiffy top. However, if, like this blog, you aren’t into short-form social … Continue reading

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