Love Thy Neighbor

With the dresser safely in the rear view mirror, I’m ready to move on.  Today’s post is a first in a series of catching you up on few side projects I cooked up and some I still have cooking. I always wanted to participate in Get Woodworking. It’s one of the things in our community that suits me well. I’ve just never really had an opportunity to partake. This February that changed.

My neighbor brought me a sketch of this table layout he was kicking around for his daughter. She had a dollhouse he wanted to get off the floor and the entire table had to fit in specific spot in her room. He drew a rough concept based on the dimensions of the available space and the dollhouse size. He and his wife had been searching for the right table but they needed something custom. What I liked about his request was that he didn’t ask me to build it; he asked if I’d help him build it.

Sign. Me. Up.

I immediately began thinking about using up some old cherry and/or maple I had lying around. As the day went on I started dreaming about tapering the legs, fancy profiles for the tabletop, and various unnecessary accoutrements. Then reality set in and while I nursed back my cracked ribs I reflected on the original request: a table for a little girl to play with her dolls. My little physical mishap helped me gain focus.

About two weeks after the injury, we were hanging out (kids, wives, and everything). I brought the topic up and said we could use pocket holes, off-the-shelf home center lumber, and probably bang this out before dinner (it was 1 PM). We both cleared it with our wives and started making a shopping list. Then we headed to the home center and found some nice 1x and 2x poplar for the apron and the legs. We decided on a finger-jointed 24″ x 48″ panel, like this, for the top. This method avoided the glue up and allowed for the small cut out needed to accommodate the dollhouse.

By 5 PM we had whole thing together. It just needed to be sanded and later painted. My neighbor isn’t a complete noob when it comes to making stuff so he had the ability to sand and finalize things on his own. Later that week he sent these pictures over to me. He eventually painted it white but I don’t think I have a picture of the final piece.

Over the course of four hours, and a few follow up texts, we had created one happy little girl. I was impressed we got it all done, including sourcing material, in such a short time. There’s something to be said for the ease of home center lumber and it’s ability to complete a project with minimal effort. But more importantly, I gave back to my neighborhood community and potentially ignited a spark in a budding woodworker. Stay tuned.


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