Stile Faux Pas & Finalizing the Drawers

Stile Faux Pas

When designing the way the stiles (vertical dividers on the front of the dresser) attach to the carcase openings, I opted for a combination of stub tenons and half lap joints. For the two centered dividers (i.e. the bottom four drawers) this was pretty simple; I employed stub tenons cut by hand. However, on the top dividers I made half laps for the top part of the divider but relied simply on glue and butt joints on the bottom portion. See this and this if you don’t recall how I did this three years ago. Well, this came to bite me in the butt joint…literally. As I was fitting the drawers, the right stile came loose. Fortunately, I’ve grown as a woodworker since then and recalled one of the Things That are Not from Schwarz: glue is not joinery. I put in a screw and we were back in business.


There’s Always One

Moving on from design challenges, we’ll head over to execution issues. The upper left drawer just wasn’t sitting right. Even though I didn’t want to screw with it, I knew I had to make some adjustments. Here’s what I did.

Gap Analysis

Finally I’ll show a small sampling of little gap fillers I made for the 100 dovetails use in this piece.  I rived scrap cherry and maple for the back and fronts of the drawers. I then used a large chisel and my bench hook to shave parts down to fit. It was lengthy, tedious work and but worth it.

Most of this build has been a constant test of my patience and persistence. Nonetheless, I persisted.


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