The Drawers Fit (ish)

Looking back on the blog, I noticed there hasn’t been a post about The Dresser since the end of November. My bad. I will now try to quickly bring you up to speed from where my Instagram followers have been for awhile. I spent the first two weeks of December (in manageable one-hour chunks) planing down the drawers to fit in their corresponding cubbies. This took about an hour per drawer and caused my shop floor to look like this until the last weekend in January (seriously).


Shop floor after many hours of shavings


Building the little jig shown here to hold up the boards while I fit them was invaluable. On my next chest of drawers, I’ll make sure to size the parts much more accurately. I didn’t want the drawers to be loose, so I over-sized in almost every direction here and there. Unfortunately, this method causes you to end up planing, and planing, and planing, and…Oh well, it was good practice and allowed me to take advantage of the dedicated sharpening station I whipped up. I touched up the blades on my jointer and smoother after each drawer. Having everything out and ready made sharpening a piece of cake.

Here are some shots of how I got everything fitted and ready for finish.

With the drawers fit and just a tad tight, I mixed up 1 lb-cut shellac and applied them to the the insides and the finely sanded bottoms. Still being a bit gunshy on the fit, I wanted to do final, final fitting after the bottoms and drawer guides were installed.

In the next post, I’ll go into detail on installing the bottoms and creating the the center drawer guides.


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