Fall Fun

Multitasking gets a bad rap. I was always the kid with headphones on listening to music while walking to class, playing Nintendo, or just about anything else that let me. As the gray hair count increases I find myself listening more to podcasts and using earbuds. But still, the innate drive to do more than one thing at a time fuels most of my daily life. To that end, I find I need multiple projects going in the shop. This isn’t necessarily due to my multitasking obsession but it falls in line with my two shop setup.

Twice a month I “work” a shift at my local woodworking co-op/club. This means I need to have a transportable project at all times. With the ongoing emphasis on getting The Dresser done, I’ve limited non-dresser projects. However, around the middle of October I got to the point where transporting the dresser components wasn’t really practical. The carcase weighs a metric ton and the fully glued up drawers are a pain to lug around. Plus the accrued hop rash over the past six years is substantial so there’s no need to add to it.

Good thing I have two little girls who love being in the shop. They enjoy crafts and themed decorations for both the interior and exterior of the house. I hopped on Pinterest and got to pinning. At the time I’d been consuming a lot of Reclaimed Audio, so I wanted these projects to incorporate reclaimed or discarded lumber.

The first project was quite simple and involved the girls heavily when it came to painting.

The second project took much longer than anticipated.We had a fair amount of oak flooring at the shop donated by someone. I thought this would be perfect but I should’ve thought through the ramifications of pocket-holing tongue and groove joints before starting. Oh well, it’s rustic, right?

The pumpkins still need a paint job but I’m saving that for after the dresser is done since they really can’t go outside for a while. I’ll update you when I put them up. I hope Tim, Bill, and Phil would be proud of this project. It’s less store bought items in our home and more time in the shop with my girlies; that’s a win-win indeed.


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