Manageable One Hour Chunks


Persnickety cherry

On the ride home from WIA, I told Brian I wanted to tackle the dresser with ernest and maybe get it done before Christmas. I set a goal of fine tuning and gluing up one of the seven drawers per week. I started out fast but ran into slight snag one of the large drawers. The pic below is from another post but it illustrates the point…this drawer just didn’t want to stay together – more on that later.
Like I was saying: I started off fast and had the first two drawers glued up within two weeks of WIA. In reality this was only about two hours worth of work but that’s how slow things can go. My main shop enemy is time. The only way to combat it is to have a plan. Sneaking away for about an hour isn’t too bad once the girls go to bed. Therefore, if I can break things down into manageable one hour chunks, projects start to materialize. The fine tuning of the drawers fits easily into this category and aids in shop-life balance.

When it was all said and done it took me six weeks of calendar time to glue up all seven drawers. There was the first push where three of the four large drawers went together; a second push to fix the fourth large drawer; and then the final push for the top three smaller drawers. If you’ve been following along on Instagram you’ve seen my posts of each individual drawer.For the blog I’m including the process of adding a butterfly key to hold the final large drawer together.

Learning my lesson from the splitting of the last large drawer, I made sure to use a backer board when chopping the remaining dovetails.

These drawers aren’t dead nuts square and neither are the openings so I’ll have to make adjustments as I fit them, but I don’t mind. It’s all part of the journey.

Ready for fitting

Ready for fitting


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3 Responses to Manageable One Hour Chunks

  1. tombuhl says:

    I am not sure if I’ve ever had the wood fail in that vector. I have had issues with failure on the ends where the small half pins do not leave much material. I try to remember to put a clamp to the ends, but usually forget that step until either a failure occurs, or I begin and that little voice calls out to me.
    When wishes to make progress with small time segments a plan becomes critical. Good advice and reminder. Keep on chugging along, Shawn.


    • Thanks Tom. It was only one of the seven pieces so I’m just chalking it up to a really troublesome board. I think the butterfly key will be a good reminder to whoever ends up with this piece that it wasn’t made in a factory.


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