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The architects of the early ARPAnet likely didn’t anticipate the negativity of YouTube trolls or the Yik Yak hate speech fueling a raging race fire. However, I’d like to think in the deep recesses of their minds they dreamt about seemingly abstract entities, with avatars and blog personas, creating actual human, bonds. One of these bonds started about a year ago when I first read about the now defunct Lost Art Press Forum. That’s where I first heard about Brian Clites of Heights Modern and The Wood Prof fame.


Brian and the Boys

Fast forward a few months to December of 2015. Brian and I drove over to a local lumberyard to get some wood for upcoming projects. During this trip we discussed 2016 and the idea of going to each other’s shop once a month to bounce ideas off each other, help each other out, and get things done. So far we’ve done this only once but it was a tremendous boon to my confidence and my workflow.

Back in July Brian came over and gave me some pointers on how to fit half blind dovetails. He showed me the techniques learned from Chris Schwarz during an ATC class. This lesson was an example of how theory can only go so far and where experience takes over. Now, I’m still no expert but I have much more knowledge on when to pound a little harder or pare a little more. Combine these learnings with the sustained contact high from WIA and you get some serious progress in the saga of The Dresser.

You may recall, the last big hurdle was cutting the dovetails for the drawers. The piece won’t be complete once they are cut, but I’ll be in the falling action portion of the story for sure. As I organized pictures for the post I realized I started working on these drawers back in January of 2015. Ouch.


With that being said, as I post this I have two drawers completely glued up and the remaining five waiting for some shop to time to do the final fine tuning and add the glue.


The first drawer

Thanks Brian for the help on getting over the dovetail hump both mentally and physically. I think we’ve done those nerdy internet pioneers proud and I’m hoping for at least one more shop date before the end of the year.


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4 Responses to Resource Sharing

  1. tombuhl says:

    For all the unpleasant, time suck issues with social media and internet content, the are moments of stunningly positive impacts. Many of them really. Thanks for sharing one such example. Dressers are not quick projects. Especially for those of us who make just a couple of them in our lifetime. Enjoy the process.


    • Good point on it not being a quick project. I’m really hoping to get it done before Christmas though. I have to move on to that table you and I emailed about ages ago. My wife is on me about it and rightfully so!


  2. This is awesome. I’m incredibly lucky and every day at lunch we talk woodworking, and go to the shop to help each other with something. It’s great to have someone to collaborate with. I remember how hard it was before I was at the magazine and something like this, that forces the collaboration would have been monumental. Well done and tell Brian I said hi.


    • Hey Ben, thanks for the comment. I really like what you’re doing at the magazine. Brian and I are doing our share over here in Cleveland. I’ll let him know you said hi. He speaks very highly of you. Keep on keepin on.


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