Cutting Boards: For Me Finally

I made a slew of cutting boards over the last two summers for my woodworking club. They didn’t need any this year, so I decided to finally make some for my house along with some for my recently married friends. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any glamour shots of their cutting boards before my wife wrapped them up; it didn’t help that the last coat of oil went on just before I had to leave for the rehearsal dinner. Next time I’m over at their place I’ll snap some shots and put up a post.

Now, back to me.

It started with a Pinterest board cleverly entitled, Cutting Boards. To date there are about 70 inspirational pictures on there as I’m fond of cutting boards. I really enjoy I see in Ina Garten’s kitchen when I watch her show Barefoot Contessa. I wanted the same aesthetic for our kitchen. Going through the offcuts I found a piece of gnarly, twisted ambrosia maple, which made the move from Cincinnati five years ago, and some #2 common  walnut. I thought it would be a good idea to fill the beetle holes with epoxy and then butterfly keys for some of the cracks. This is good practice for the big dining table I promised over a year ago. Here’s a  pictorial rundown on the process.

I ended up with two similar sized maple boards and two small walnut versions. The first set will stay on my kitchen counter and the others will be filed away as gifts or maybe I’ll try to sell them – I’m not sure. Here are some glamour shots.

Now onto more procrastinating…


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1 Response to Cutting Boards: For Me Finally

  1. Brian Clites says:

    Where are the six you were going to make for me? 😬


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