My B-52’s Impression

Like most things these days, it all started on Pinterest. If you aren’t using this resource as a tool to share with your spouse, better half, co-designer, or clients you’re truly missing out. Get to pinning. After looking around for a few month we settled on corrugated metal for the roof and exposed screws with simple wood trim. The picture below is one of the many inspirational pins we used as a guideline.

Having never worked with metal, I immediately turned to my father-in-law. He spent 11 years teaching industrial arts and then another 25 setting up machines at a machine shop. He knows his way around a construction site to say the least. With his help we spent a full Saturday putting up the ceiling.

We had one hiccup,which I might or might not fix. We somehow mismeasured the hole for the ceiling fan. Without any pieces to spare, we did our best to fudge it and I might have to get back on Pinterest for some ideas on make-shift wooden medallions. It’s really minor but it’ll likely bother me; just not right now.

The last step before installing the wood was to create a dark backdrop to cover up the OSB. This is essential due to all the holes and gaps associated with the rough barn board. Originally, I was going to paint it black but while at the home center I saw roofing felt in the same aisle as the corrugated metal. Using a tack hammer and a utility knife this went up in about 45 minutes. It was much faster than painting.

The final post is the actual install of the wood…and another expensive trip to the reclaimed wood supplier.


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One Response to My B-52’s Impression

  1. tombuhl says:

    Gotta love teamwork, especially if one of the team members know what they are doing. Looking forward to the next step(s).


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