Summer Seating Dilemma

IMG_2321A few months after moving into our house in Cleveland, I had to take a two-week trip to Europe for work. This was the first time I’d been away from my wife and daughter for such an extended period. Time zone differences made communication tough but on the third day I finally got ahold of my wife. For me it was noon in a noisy convention hall; for her it was dinner time IMG_2326with a hungry toddler. During our call she shrieked and said, “Oh no! Something just made a loud crashing noise in the garage.” Buglars? Rodents? Aliens? Worse. Shoddy workmanship. The previous homeowner erected shelves in the garage, which decided to partially collapse at that exact moment. We had a myriad of items on the shelf, which were now strewn about the floor. I stood helpless thousands of miles away while my wife picked up the mess. It sucked.

When I got home, I took down the remaining shelves and repurposed the boards in our hard-to-access attic above the garage. They remained there until this spring when another DIY project (installing an attic ladder and OSB above the garage) relegated them useless. They were a bit bowed and in need of a serious clean up so I figured I’d just chuck them and move on. However, having consumed so many episodes of Reclaimed Audio, I knew I couldn’t follow through. So, on Memorial Day, with grandpa’s saw in hand I got to work solving another summer seating dilemma: my little one needs a chair like her big sister for use outdoors.


Breaking down stock on the driveway

I talked about building my older daughter’s chair before but realized I never put up the pictures of it completed and in use. She picked out the stencil and color scheme. Here is a gallery of pics showing how she helped with the painting and stenciling.

Fast forward to today and I have parts milled up and ready for another chair. Here are some progress pics.

I’ll continue picking away at this with a slim chance of getting it done by the end of the summer but it’s still fun to see something old become new again.


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3 Responses to Summer Seating Dilemma

  1. You just put the next project on my list. 🙂


    • Glad I could reciprocate some inspiration. If you can, try to get the girls to help with painting or decorating of the final project. My girls love telling people about how they helped with the project.


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