Belated Mother’s Day Post

Helper Tower and Rolling Pins being used on Mother's Day

Helper Tower and Rolling Pins being used on Mother’s Day

The bleakness of blog content is all for good reason: I’ve been busy building stuff. In my last post I talked about getting into the drawers on The Dresser and prior to that I mentioned the strong desire for my oldest to go into the shop. All of those things have continued, in earnest, for the past three months. As proof, I offer up this short story from Mother’s Day.

My mom is the artsy type so picking a gift for her is pretty easy. We’re lucky to have a local art collective down the street; it’s perfect for last minute Mother’s Day gifts. I picked the little ones up from their sitter shortly before Mother’s Day and we went in to check out the wares. After a few quick passes around the store, we’d found something perfect for grandma. Done…right? Not exactly.

All things taste better when you've made the tools to make the things

All things are better when you’ve made the tools to make the things.

You see, I’d already picked up a cool gift for my wife and she isn’t one for unnecessary jewelry or knick knacks. Therefore, there was no logical reason to get something for my wife. However, the girls had other plans…They picked up this and that asking if we could get it for mommy and I stood my ground, saying no. But, we stumbled upon a ring holder dish, which my oldest pointed out needed to be replaced after my wife broke hers a few months ago. I agreed and figured I’d just chalk it up to fatherly weaknesses with daughters.

Then her eyes lit up, “Daddy, let’s put this back. We can make one. In the workshop.”

So we did.

When I arrived home, we immediately went downstairs. She had a vision of what she wanted and was on a mission. She picked out a choice piece of cherry from her scrap bin and asked to cut a hole in for mommy to put her rings. I gave her a lesson on how to use the drill press and she learned about Forstner bits as well. Then we busted out the French curves and she traced a pleasing design. I roughed everything out and she helped clean up the design at the oscillating spindle sander. She then sanded (I sanded her sanding), which was followed up by her shellacking of the piece (which was followed up by me putting shellac on when she went to bed since her attempt was a bit runny).

The next day she asked to go downstairs and make her own holder for her Frozen necklace. She didn’t want any curves or finish though; that would take too long and she is after all, only five.



See? I told you I’ve been woodworking.

Currently, I’m in the midst of two huge DIY projects for the house but now that the Cavs aren’t eating up my non-woodworking evenings, I think I’ll get back to blogging a bit more regularly.


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  1. Wow so beautiful😀


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