From the Heart

Both my wife and I work full time. Therefore, we have to figure out who will take care of our children when we can’t. This is a deeply personal family decision. The relationships you build with your child’s caregivers are complex and occasionally fraught with moments of self-doubt or regret. But sometimes, when you’re lucky, these relationship start to resemble family. That was the case for us for the past few years. But as time churns, so do the paths we’re on. So, with much reluctance, we set out to find a new sitter. As Billy Pilgrim taught us: so it goes.

What the hell does this have to do with woodworking? Lots.

For over a year, I’ve been prodded to rejuvenate some furniture pieces by our beloved babysitter. Knowing all the changes in her life, I wanted to help make this next stage rich with the places she’s been and the places she’ll go. The two pieces were from her late mother and had been wallowing in the back of the garage for ages. One now looks like this thanks to my friend Brian. The other is described below.

The process of making the table and painting it was easy but I wanted to add something, which would remind her of the love she showed to many children over the years – especially the two little girls I tuck into bed each night. The process of putting their hand prints into the table was fun, messy, and not exactly what I’d envisioned when I started.

Sounds like family to me.


About Shawn Nichols

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