To Everything…

During Thanksgiving, my daughters made cut out cookies with my mom, which is a favorite activity for everyone. My mom mentioned the girls needing proper rolling pins. We could’ve easily went el cheapo like this:

Children's Rolling Pin

or artsy fartsy like this:

Adult Rolling Pin Only

After watching the campaign chair video from Schwarz on the flight back from Europe, I decided to ask one of my woodworking buddies (thanks Ed) for a lesson on turning. I headed to Woodcraft, purchased the Easywood Rougher and went to town. It was scarier than I’d expected, especially at first. Putting your hand into a spinning chuck of maple when it’s square was more than unnerving but you get the hang of it.

The end results were superb and the girls love them.

On xmas morning

On xmas morning

Although I don’t think I’ll be doing a lot of turning in the future, I’ll definitely be more likely to take on a project requiring a simple turning than before.


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2 Responses to To Everything…

  1. Brian Clites says:

    You mean always sand with the lathe on, right?


    • No, but I did fix the typo and clarify.

      The guy teaching me said to turn off the lathe for the final sanding of each grit. You also want to do this with the grain. This method takes out the cross grain sanding marks made while the lathe is spinning. It made sense to me and I could see the difference in the results.

      Do you employ a different method?


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