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A Father’s Legacy, Corporate Decay, and Tool Gloats

Over the past three¬†months I’ve come to possess a series of new (to me) tools. Some¬†needing rejuvenation, some awaiting inspiration, but all of them ready for a second life. Firstly, there was a little package waiting for me when I … Continue reading

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From the Heart

Both my wife and I work full time. Therefore, we have to figure out who will take care of our children when we can’t. This is a deeply personal family decision. The relationships you build with your child’s caregivers are … Continue reading

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To Everything…

During Thanksgiving, my daughters made cut out cookies with my mom, which is a favorite activity for everyone. My mom mentioned the girls needing proper rolling pins. We could’ve easily went el cheapo like this: or artsy fartsy like this: … Continue reading

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