Traveler’s Guide to Inspiration

Networking Break. Evian Resort. Evian, France

Networking Break. Evian Resort. Evian, France

Occasionally life has a way of pushing opportunities upon us. It’s our job to take advantage of them. Letting them go will almost surely leave us with a bit of regret and remorse. If you follow me on Instragram, you might know I was in Europe for business recently. I was connecting in Newark when the terrorist attacks in Paris occurred. It was unnerving to say the least, and my thoughts go out to the victims. I had the chance to forgo the trip but I pressed on; not because I’m an incredibly dedicated employee, but because if I’d remained in the states, those who orchestrated the despicable acts would win.

Alley way (Diagon?). Cambridge, England

Alley way (Diagon?). Cambridge, England

Although I had little down time, I was able to take advantage of a few hours here and there to walkabout and see some places both familiar and new. All of my down time was spent alone, wandering the streets of many, many before me. The reflection was inspiring and refreshing. My journey took me to Germany (Frankfurt), Norway (Oslo, Trondheim), Switzerland (Geneva), France (Evian, Cluses), and the U.K. (Cambridge, Milton-Keyes, and London).

If you ever have the chance to venture outside the familiar surroundings of your city, state, or country, please do. Watching the world in a different setting, language, and culture will change the way you see things in your own world. You’ll realize it’s a shared world will plenty of room for us all.

Cab ride through the Alps

Cab ride through the Alps. Cluses, France to Geneva, Switzerland

Here are a few shots from my iPhone during the trip. The images range from cool pieces of architecture and furniture, to inspiring vistas impossible to capture with phone. I stood next to a 250+ year old tree in France, and found some new designs to add to my sketchbook.

This post isn’t totally dedicated to woodworking but I hope you’ve left with a little something more than when you arrived. Safe travels my friends.



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