Milking It – Part III: Fin

I finished up the milk painted bench and I’m happy to report it’s been in use for about two weeks. My experience with “Real” milk paint wasn’t as easy as I’d thought. The acrylic stuff from General Finishes that I used here and here was definitely easier to use when coming from a paint-the-walls-with-latex background. However, I’m completely happy with the color and the new skill set I developed. My only sage piece of advice for newcomers is expect something different but it’ll work out in the end.

Here are some shots of the case construction.

This is what happens when you try to squeeze something in too quickly.


Here you can just barely see the remnants of the old domino on the outside. I was a hair off on my re-alignment but not enough to make a difference.

I had to get a little creative with the domino so here’s tip if you get into a similar pickle:

  1. Saw off the offending tenon (in my case it was in the top), and flu
    sh things up with a sander or block plane.
  2. Then setup to use the same registration method you originally used. I stood the top up on end and used the domino’s registration pins along with the fence. If you have same setting still lock in, you’re golden: the machine will eat through a domino. However, if you’re adjusted the setting, like me, move on to step 3.
  3. Unlock the fence so it can float. Now, manually insert the domino cutter into another hole in the board. Ensure the fence and machine face are aligned to 90 and lock in the fence. (see the pic on the side for the result)

Ana White’s design in fine but I thought it was a bit wobbly, even with solid joinery like dominoes. Therefore, I made some design changes. First I added a stabilizer to the back to help eliminate racking. Then I wanted to dig a little deeper and not just use straight 1×4 for the front. I tried to make some moulding using a cove bit in a hand held router but my it just didn’t look right. I don’t have the right bit. I headed back to the home center and trade in some 1×4 for some base trim. Here are details of my additions.

And here it is installed and in use for the first time. I have some coat hangers made of walnut but I need to go over design details with my wife. I’ll post some pics when that part is done.


Here are the pics of the coat hangers installed a little less clutter in the shot.


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