Milking It – Part II

After reading all the good advice today (thanks everyone!) I was quite confident going into coat two. I mixed everything at the 2:1 ratio of water to paint like yesterday. I sanded with 320 grit sanding pad and removed the dust with my vac. This time when I went to use the resulting mixture it was really quite thick and foamy. Again, like a mousse but thicker than yesterday. My first couple of brush strokes were dry and had some clumps of powder. I didn’t panic and instead added water.


Much thicker than yesterday even though it’s tough to capture with the camera

Luckily, I started painting from the back and underside, which allows me to work out the kinks before getting into the real show surfaces. Here is a few shot of what the “top” half of this batch (i.e. the first bit of paint I can take out of the can) looked like when I put it on the board. As I worked it back and forth it thinned out a bit but not much.

Is this how thick your milk paint looks right off the brush?

Is this how thick your milk paint looks right off the brush?

Then as I went from the top of the batch to the bottom things started to get thin. Maybe too thin.

With last board done I got a shot  of the freshly painted board and one with about five minutes of dry time behind it. I’m including this in case you’ve never seen how quickly this stuff changes as it dries.

Here are the results of day two.

This post isn’t really profound but I’m trying to provide some details on what this process looks to a nube. I firmly believe you need to just mix things up and see what happens. In this case, I’m letting experience (of the lack thereof) be my guide.


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