Benching Ideas

Last winter my wife picked up this little number for $50.

Armoire wannabe

Armoire wannabe

It was a back burner project to give my mom a place to store some clothes in her make-shift room for her extended stays with us. I’d planned to put in some shelves and means of hanging some shirts. Then I was going to install some doors (maybe with a chevron pattern) while adding a walnut base and dabbling in Art Deco for the first time. I saw this little number at Crate & Barrel and thought it has some good characteristics.

Dude, really?

Dude, really?

As the piece took up space in my basement for several months, I was able to look at it more closely. I saw how crappy it was put together and the poor paint job from the previous owner. My wife came down to work on it and became disappointed with her purchase. I assured her I could make it work but she was able to pick up a more functional piece over the summer. Eventually I’d like to go forward with the plan using the country bumpkin below as a blank canvas but it’s quite solid and works. My To-Do list is too long to even think about that for now.

It works for now

It works for now

So, what to do? My wife wanted to put it out on the tree lawn for trash day but I said it’s $50 in wood once I take a hammer and nail pullers to it. In the midst of a very busy September I was able to find an hour of spare time to break this down into usable parts. Now that summer is giving way to fall we’ll be needing a place to sit down and take off boots and hang up our coats. A custom built in wrap around bench with cubbies and whatnot is in order but not in the cards given my budget and timeline.

I decided to hit up Pintrest and build a bench similar to this one Ana White has on her site. I’m thinking of combining some of the design principles from the Anarchist Tool Chest into this build and play around with moldings for the first time. After some passes through the planner, I think these old boards will do just fine…


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