Nakashima Carpentry

After returning from two straight weeks of travel I asked my wife to help prioritize the upcoming projects. She’s having a party soon, so we she decided to finish off the living room ASAP. One of the last projects in the living room was to figure out what to do with the large, non-structural beams. My wife and I slopped them up on purpose during the painting project to ensure we’d actually do something with. The hideous blah 1960s brown is no more.


Here’s a reminder (before) picture for reference.

These beams are solid pine. So, just like the mantel project I figured I’d go with the dark stain to make things look cohesive. The only problem is these pieces are HUGE and there are three of them. The shortest is 13 ft long. I called in a few favors to help get the beams down, out came the Festool Rotex RO150, and the garage turned into a workshop.

The previous picture shows how badly one of the boards has checked and cracked over the years. I decided to channel my inner Nakashima and install some butterfly keys into this board. I knew they’d be covered up by stain but I was thinking more structural than aesthetic here. Plus I plan on using this technique in an upcoming dining room table build, so I could use the practice.

Next I got to staining, which was followed up by one coat of Arm R Seal.

The hardest part was getting them back up and installed. This required an emergency call to my next door neighbor since we needed one more person for the installed (thanks Chris!). Here they are in their final glory.


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