Naked…and Ready

Over the past several months, I’ve been battling the heat to crank out a hand tool bench for the NCCW shop with the help of a few other members. Here is the fruit of our labor.


Nicholson Bench

I first read about this style of bench several years ago in Chris Schwarz’s book on workbenches. This type of bench is referred to as a Nicholson or English Joiner’s Bench as it was first illustrated in a book by Perter Nicholson in the 19th century. Then last year a series of posts about getting into woodworking on the cheap popped up from woodworker Mike Siemsen. These were followed by the publication of a DVD entitled The Naked Woodworker.

This concept seemed like the perfect thing for the NCCW. What better way to get into hand tools than on a shoe string budget? Here a few pictures of the bench going together.

I ordered some lag screws and attached the sides and top permanently. Lastly, holes (lots of HOLES!) were bored and “Doe’s feet” or “Dürer Sticks” were made. The guys made them simply uses the plans I left – the didn’t even what they were making. If you don’t know what they are used for, please take a look at this video or this blog post.


While we’re educating, here are a few videos showing more principles behind this very intriguing and easy-on-the-wallet design.

Plans for Knockdown Nicholson

How to Knockdown the Knockdown Nicholson

Video on Work-holding Without a Vise

There are still things to add to make this better (holdfasts, shelf, bench dogs, crochet, etc.) but for now it’s up and running and ready for you to use. I also saw that the knockdown version is going to be the cover story for the next PopWood; I might incorporate some things from the article in as well.

I hope the club enjoys all the hard work the team put in on this fun and HEAVY project.


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2 Responses to Naked…and Ready

  1. Brian Clites says:

    Looks like a solid bench. Can’t wait to start planing on it!


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