A Slight Detour

A few weeks ago I was walking around the Home Depot with the family picking up various whathaveyous. One item on the list was another small, plastic adirondack chair for the girls. When you have two kids (with opinions, language skills, and an inherited competitive spirit), there are times when you realize you need two of almost everything. I’d been eyeing plans from Ana White for a while but said, let’s just buy our way to happiness this one time; I have plenty of other things on my building plate.

The impetus

The impetus

We can’t find one in the aisles so we go to the customer service desk whereupon the lady informs us they don’t carry those chairs. Without hesitation, equivocation, or a modicum of snark, my five-year-old says, “Daddy, can we just buy some wood and make one ourselves? I can help you.”

…Unwittingly teach your kids to scoff at consumerism. Check.

I looked at my wife. I looked at my un-phased daughter. I looked at my shoes. I closed my eyes. I opened them to glanced at my daughter, “of course we can Josie.” Later that weekend I found myself going through some #2 common pine I salvaged from the curb several years ago. Ana’s plans are always detailed and easy to follow so I won’t bore you with unnecessary commentary. I busted out the hand tools and power tools and got to work. Here are some shots of the construction.

When I put the back together I didn’t like how boxy it looked so I busted out the french curves, a coping saw, and finished things up with the oscillating sander and my block plane.


There are edges to break, holes to fill, and paint to be had (likely pink and/or purple) but for now I’m quite pleased with the detour.  This little lesson from a child to a parent reminded me to practice what I preach. Thanks baby girl.


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4 Responses to A Slight Detour

  1. ctregan says:

    Good job! Now the other kid will ant to build one!


  2. That feeling you get when your kid thinks you can build anything…


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