Noodling Around

A few months ago a co-worker commissioned me to build a Noodle Board. Never heard of it? Me either. Google it – it’s interesting and yes, you can do it at work without generating nastygrams from IT about your nefarious website traffic. I asked my 100% Sicilian mom about it and she said she remembers a few of her grandmother’s friends using it to roll out fresh pasta every couple of days.

The guy I made this for wanted it for use in making his mom’s pastry/dough recipes. I’m all for carrying on family traditions so I jumped at the opportunity. Of course, it took me three times longer than planned but turn out just fine. The client was very specific about the boards dimensions and actually made a drawing for me. 3/4″ thick x 22″ long x 25″ wide. Also, Cleats needed to go on each end to help keep the board from sliding when rolling out the dough. Capish?


Here’s how I did it.

Step 1: Breakdown the soft maple board I’d chosen.


Step 2: Glue up.


Step 3: Kick yourself for not using cauls to keep the panel more flat when you glued it up.

Step 4: Flatten. Sweat. Rinse. Repeat.



I was only able to get one side flat using the jack plane. I broke down and drove to my community shop to utilize the 22″ drum sander for the rest.

Step 5: Attach the cleats with dominoes.

Step 6: Apply two coats of salad bowl finish.


Now I just need to sample the fruits of my labor when my customer makes some pastries for me to try.


About Shawn Nichols

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