Cutting Board Season 2015

I’m trying to update the blog over the next few weeks with about two month’s worth of work. The low blog activity is actually due to getting more stuff done on the house and in the shop…and sometimes a combination of the two. I’ll be on the road, which is always a good time for me to get my thoughts straightened out and pics uploaded.

Today’s installment shows a subset of the cutting boards I made for The Northcoast Community Woodshop. Here are some pics of us working the booth.

We used mostly scraps from our collective shop bins along with some stuff from the community shop I’d categorize as mostly firewood. As such, a few pieces of walnut developed some serious checking. I decided to use some extra light cherry I had laying around already shaped like butterflys and do an inlay using just a chisel and some good jams in the ear buds. It was fun and inspired by this video from Matt Cremona. I did some butterfly keys about a year ago with a router. I’m not sure if one way is better than the other but it’s good to change things up a bit.

The craft show wasn’t as successful as last year but we had a few laughs and made some new contacts. I’m eager to see where they lead.



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