The Old Man

The past few weeks have been a blur. More out of town guests, miscellaneous versions of the contractor’s punch list, pre-school graduation, and various trips to the hardware store. I’ve got pictures to get off the camera and updates for when the time is right. Now is not that time.

Today is Father’s Day. It’s a day I have mostly ignored since my dad passed away in 2006. Before that I hadn’t lived in the same state as him for eight years. Needless to say, I haven’t spent Father’s Day with my dad in a long time. Sure, my wife and girls have done an amazing job making the day special but it’s still not on my radar. My wife had to remind me on Friday that Sunday was Father’s Day.

But today things might’ve changed.

I woke up to my girls running into my bedroom wishing me a Happy Father’s Day. They helped me open a few small gifts and a sweet little card. Then my wife bought me a weekend design class with George Walker. Not a bad way to start the day.

IMG_4217The point where I knew things were really different happened in the afternoon. I got a few minutes to work on the doors for the living room bookcase. I want to remove the louvers since they don’t fit the style we’re going for. I decided to just smash the hell out of them with a chisel.

The Old Man's chisel at work

The Old Man’s chisel at work

It was therapeutic to smash away. After a few slats, I realized I was using my old man’s chisels. They are the classic Stanley’s with plastic handles circa 1970 something. I tuned them up a few years ago and bring them out when I want to do some rough work. I looked up through my basement window and gave the blue sky a teary smile. Then I got back to work.

Thanks dad.


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3 Responses to The Old Man

  1. I am big fan of George Walker’s writing. I briefly majored in landscape architecture and in which we studied the classical orders (the five orders of column design) and remember being bored to tears. Now I wish I had paid more attention and kept all my drafting supplies. I hope you enjoy the class.

    The house is looking great!


    • It’s funny you mention the drafting supplies. My dad had a set and like the chisels, yard tools, and other things they made their way back from New York to Ohio over time. I foolishly threw out the drafting supplies when I was mostly a power tool shop. I regret it often.

      Thanks Jim.


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