Another Weekend of Work

I returned home from work on Friday to find a whole bunch of cabinets installed.


My wife and I also tackled painting in the living room. Remember, we weren’t planning to do anything to this room but we couldn’t resist. After two late nights and several dose of Advil, the fireplace and ceilings are done. Here’s a video showing the process for white washing. The one area of caution is to make sure you do a test sample. My wife wishes she’d thinned out the mixture more. Ce la vie.

My wife rocked it on the white washing

You’ll likely note the sloppy job on the beams. Like most of the trim in the house, they are the ugly shade of brown we hate. Slopping them up helped got me off the ladder a little faster but more importantly, it means I now need a solution. One idea is to take them down and remove the ugliness with my Rotex (planing seems too difficult). I’d likely mimic whatever I decide with the mantel but it’s still TBD. Another idea was from my contractor, who recommended getting some weathered barn boards and then just facing the beams. These beams are 16′ long apiece and I’m not sure if I can score pieces that long – I’m not interested in putting up smaller pieces. Any ideas? Please leave me a note.

Finally, I’ll leave you with the picture below. It was a much needed moment of comic relief late on Saturday night. In the middle of painting the ceiling, I realized I needed to remove the ceiling fan blades. Sigh… But, here’s what I found on the opposite side of the blades.

Really? People used to opt for this?

Really? People used to opt for this?

We’ve toyed around with re-installing them to show this great bit of 70s faux character.


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2 Responses to Another Weekend of Work

  1. forbeskm says:

    Some classic blades there. Jealous of the rotex, I have the regular festool random orbit sander, the dust collection is insane. I like the idea of the facing the beams, you could miter a seam in place maybe lock it together with some dominos 🙂 and no one would probably notice as they’ll be distracted by the cabinets and the fireplace.


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