Week 4 Begins

The drywall was hung and a few coats of mud were put on this this week.

Then the tile went down and was grouted over the weekend.

Plus I was able to get some woodworking incorporated. I removed the mantel and planed it down. Here is where the Festool Rotex came in handy. I don’t use this tool much but it took off years of stain and muck in a few minutes. I’m going to research some methods for putting on a dark stain on pine. I’m not thrilled but it’s “free” at this point. If I don’t like it I’ll probably mount it and then look for something better down the road. If you have any thoughts on staining pine please put let me know in the comments below.

Last up for the weekend was to put a coat of Kilz on the walls where the wallpaper was up. This was based on a request from our drywaller. He’s going to skimcoat some time this week. Let’s hope it works.


About Shawn Nichols

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