For Jim

I read a blog post from my internet woodworking buddy Jim recently.  It reminded me of the term Gumption Traps from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I too suffer from these episodes. Currently, I’m not going through this phase of the journey but I was a few weeks ago. So Jim, this is for you.

I’ve been chopping dovetails for the better part of two months (off and on of course). It’s required me to keep my chisels sharp. My lack of a sharpening station is best described by Dave over at Less Ordinary. I have an idea for the ultimate sharpening station but instead of opining about it or feeling guilty for not chopping dovetails or cutting grooves for the drawer bottoms I whipped this up over the course of three or four hours in the shop.

IMG_9645It’s made from pressure treated pine used to hold up my sister’s college loft during the Reagan administration. The top is what I’ve been carrying around to sharpening my tools for years. It’s sturdy, the right height, ugly, and allows me to keep my sharpening stuff out while working. Of course it needs blah, blah, blah…I’ll save that for my next bought with Head Trash.


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3 Responses to For Jim

  1. The linked description of a Gumption Trap is spot on. Thanks for your help bud. Maybe it is time to make the straight edge from Jim Tolpin’s “The New Traditional Woodworker”. I’ve got some nice straight grained oak left over from the headboard.


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