We Get Ambitious

Living room after clean up.

Living room after clean up.


Livable but blah

We couldn’t just stare at our living room with no furniture, ugly wallpaper, and outdated paneling. So after getting back from a week of travel and getting settled into the chaos, my wife and I decided to tug at some of the wallpaper.

The first pull resulted in one big piece leaving the wall. We were shocked – especially since we’ve (well, mostly my wife) took off miles of wallpaper at our old house. We shared a glance and said: “no way, the rest won’t be this easy.” Seven minutes later all the paper was on the floor and it all came down in a series of full pieces.

Thank you DIY gods. We’ll take it.

Friday morning we took down the paneling. It wasn’t as easy as the wall paper but it wasn’t bad. The ghetto cable guy drill thru the baseboard and return vent was the only thing that slowed us down.


Really? This is your craftmanship?

This room will most likely just be some paint. I might, eventually, replace the bookcase doors and do something with mantel or beams but I’m not sure. Given how hard it would be to get it started after the future returned we knew we had to just take the plunge. Plus it would look lame if the adjoining room (the kitchen) was brand new and this was dingy and old.


Here is the current state.

And mad props to the electricians working my project. I asked for advice on the ghetto cable job and they were happy to help. They were pushing to finish up the rough electrical for inspection but gave me some quick advice. I cut a line and it must’ve killed more than just the line to the living room. It also affected the other room’s feed. We had to leave for the weekend but when I told the electricians they immediately said they’d take care it. This wasn’t part of our contract, it wasn’t even in a area of the house they need to do any work. I returned home Sunday to find the DirecTV back up and running and a much neater, cleaner wiring setup in the basement and outside. Outstanding.


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