Some Much Needed Inspiration

Last Friday I took some PTO and made the trek down to Cincinnati for my annual adventure to the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool event at Popular Woodworking’s headquarters. Here is a link to their Facebook page on the event. My buddy Ed came along and we spent the whole time thinking of ways to improve our woodworking club. Hopefully more to come on that in the future (thanks for driving Ed!).

These events are a great chance to see the tools, feel them in your hand and then chat with like-minded folk. I talked with Chris and John from LostArt, George Walker, and Megan Fitzpartick. I can’t emphasize enough how inspired these events make me. I always return home recharged and ready to get back in the shop.

I also used the trip to complete my photography assignment from a class I’m taking. If you’re local and want to attend the next one here is a link. I can’t tell you how much this has made a difference in how I view the capabilities on my camera. I think I’m going to shoot in manual all the time – there is no way I would’ve said that two weeks ago. I’m not there yet but I hope to treat to some of my learning with increased “goodness” on my picture quality.

Here are few shots from the trip.


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One Response to Some Much Needed Inspiration

  1. Marilyn says:

    Fun! I always enjoy going to these.


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