Drawers Four and Five

Don’t fret, these posts are coming to a close and my joints are getting tighter. Plus the time to put them together is becoming less and less. I’m learning to despise the lumber dealer who convinced me “brown” maple was the wood of choice for cabinet makers doing dovetails. Obviously he’s not a golfer experienced selling to those using hand tools. I’d like treat myself to making some dovetails in pine in the future.


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2 Responses to Drawers Four and Five

  1. Looking good from here. I am looking forward to seeing the drawers in action and I am jealous of the shop space you are working in.


    • Hey Jim, the shop space you’re probably jealous about is the old post office we converted into a community shop. It’s great to get out there for about 8 hours per month. It’s not ideal for hand tools but I’ll be posting soon about how a friend of mine and I are trying to change that. We’ll be following the path laid out in the Naked Woodworker to build a bench and saw benches for the shop. I really want to do it NOW but I keep pointing my nose to the grindstone on these drawers.


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