Drawer two…meh

I finished cutting the dovetails for drawer two and I’m not overly happy. I guess I’m at one of those stages in the craft where I’m pushing myself because I truly think these two drawers kinda suck. They’ll either be a few inches shorter than the other drawers or maybe good practice for filling in gaps with wedges.

We’ll see.

For the third drawer I’m going to go against the advice from all of my resources and not try to fit this off the saw. Maybe I’ll get there one day but as a beginner in this area I think that might’ve been the wrong advice. I’ll post the pictures when I have the third drawer back together.




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6 Responses to Drawer two…meh

  1. Jeff Branch says:

    Good for you for taking on dovetails. That is a goal of mine for this year. Even got a dovetail saw so that I’ll have to start at it.


  2. Wesley Beal says:

    People that say “dovetails are easy” are out of touch and need to take on a new hobby so they can remember what it’s like to be a beginner at something.

    If you take your time, cutting one dovetail, carefully to each mark, isn’t that bad. String several of them together and very small errors grossly magnify themselves.

    Still, the only way to get better at it is to do it!


  3. Maybe you’ve already checked this out… Rob Cosman has some good videos on cutting dovetails and you can get a month’s free access to his online teaching site. When I first learned of him I couldn’t stand him. My opinion was formed by watching his arrogant promotional videos where everything he does is easy and he can teach someone who doesn’t know which end of the saw to hold how to cut perfect dovetails the first time they try. With an open mind I found his videos with actual content contains significantly less douche baggery and I also found them to be quite helpful.

    Keep at it. You’ll get there.


    • I have three Cosman videos from the Lie-Nielsen days and have watch them recently. I really like this shop guide and you can see it in some of the pictures; I keep it by me as I’m going through the learning process.

      It’s a matter of just doing it though and I’m getting there. Last night I made some progress on drawer three but I definitely left the pins too fat so it’s a lot of paring. If I get lucky, I might be through two more drawers this weekend but it’s slow going.

      Shutting down and off to the shop.


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