2015 Priorities

I know it’s a little late to talk about New Years Resolutions and such. So I won’t.

revised view 2

Instead, I’ll discuss a few of things I’m hoping to accomplish in and out of the shop this year. First and foremost is the The Dresser. It needs to be done. Period. Everything else takes a back seat. The number two priority is a bit of a moving target.

Revised OptionThe first second priority is a large remodel to our house. I’m not crazy and value my marriage so most of this will be farmed out to a remodeling company. I do get to tackle the mud room, which means some sort of locker system and maybe a small apothecary style unit for holding hats, gloves, and the like. This remodel will also spill over into our dining room. I’m going to build the dining room table. I’m thinking a trestle style table but we’re still working out the details.

The second second priority is a shop remodel of sorts. We upgraded the electrical from 100 A to 200 A in October and I’ve been itching to reconfigure things and put in some new outlets. This job requires framing and running of wiring. I’ll be tackling this myself with the help of some friends and several cases of beer. I brushed up on my Sketchup skills and through a rough layout together so I can get an idea of where I want outlets and lights. If any has any good resources on shop lighting, please add a comment below. Or if you have any good resources for shop layout I’m also open.

Shop Plan from Sketchup

The third second priority is to rehab an entertainment center we scored for $50 and make it into an armoire for my mom. She visits us for extended periods of a time and I want her to have a place to hang some clothes and make her room feel more homey. My wife and I started deconstructing it and I should’ve taken pics but I don’t have them.

The fourth second priority is to make our woodworking club/co-op better equipped for hand tools. I’m going to build a version of Schwarz/Seimsen knockdown bench featured on his blog and in the Naked Woodworker DVD. This will help use up some crappy but solid ash timbers we have laying around and hopefully foster a more hand tool friendly atmosphere.

Oh, and the fifth second priority is a toy chest for my soon-to-be-here newest nephew.

Good God this sounds like a lot of work.


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