The Result of Several Deep Breaths…

…look like this:



I’ve been trying since the new year started to create a laser focus on the drawers for the dresser. With seven drawers, consisting of  28 parts, consisting of 200 dovetails, the laser hasn’t always come into focus. I’ve been doing some reading, watching, and prepping but as my fellow phish fan and woodworking blogger Jim told me: just cut the damn dovetails.

So I did.

I started with baby steps since laying them out wasn’t as easy as I’d hoped. I kept getting things flipped around and trying to make sure the groove for the bottom ends up in the right spot was kinda tricky. I painstakingly laid out the tails on all the parts and then started cutting the back of my first drawer. I decided to gang the tails together and cut the backs of each drawer before moving on to the fronts. It’s not that I’m more intrepid about the half blinds for the front than the throughs but I feel like they’ll be seen more so I want them to look better.

On one hand, it might be better to complete an entire drawer before moving on but this method helps with my flow. I only get about an hour in the evenings (maybe 1 to 3 days a week). Fortunately, I have my shifts at my woodworking club/co-op but this causes me to pack things up and I almost always forget something. This allows me to break things up so I can do certain things at home and others on the “road” and not disrupted the sleeping beauties at 10 PM…

One set done…many more to go. Hopefully they’ll get a lot better as the month goes on.


Back side


The inside. Hopefully my daughter’s clothes will always cover the gaps in this first set of dovetails.


If you have any advice on ganging the tails, staging things like I am, or anything else I’m all ears.


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2 Responses to The Result of Several Deep Breaths…

  1. To accomplish what I see in your pictures would take me an hour, probably more, so I don’t have any advice or experience on speeding up production. I’m not sure I would want to speed up anyway, unless the family is breathing down your neck on getting it done. I think faster comes with more practice.

    The head lamp and moxon vise combo rocks and reminds me that I have a head lamp kicking around one of the boxes in my shop. Maybe I’ll post a pic and we can dork out together.

    And thanks for the mention.


    • The head light helps since the lighting is atrocious in my shop. It’s good to know you’re at about an hour for the drawer side to back connection. That’s about where I am. Cutting the tails is pretty straight forward. Transferring the pins and cutting them to match…not so much.

      I just saw an update on the weather your way. Here’s to hoping your snow blower is tuned up. Thx jim


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