Last Minute Elf Contribution

I’ve tried to keep a lid on some holiday projects in case a few nosy peeps peaked in on my corner of the interwebs before Christmas. The guys over at Modern Woodworkers Association hyped up the Last Minute Elf campaign a few weeks ago and I’ve been going in earnest to get things done before the big guy dropped down the chimney.

The first submission requires really no explanation on the construction details. I used the Domino to whip up a quick picture frame for my wife – no miters; just but joints and 5mm mortise and tenons. She asked for a frame to go on our display shelf, which she can use for various decoractory (not a word) tasks like framing the N in “Nichols” on the shelf.

This project was easy to bang out and could make a for a great last minute Christmas item. With the help from this article from General Finishes my first attempt at the shabby-chic technique was a breeze. I’ll be using this on other projects.

The second project is a little bit more time consuming (at least if you’re me). This is my second prototype of a beer tote. I made one for my wife in September and then another for my cousin just last week. I think a final version is in order and I’d use what I learned from each build to make it something I can bang out quickly yet still be worthy of a woodworking blog. I saw this version in a recent This Old House magazine but it’s not really my style. It’s a good beginner project but it’s not for me.

I’m putting together some “plans” and will try to post them in a follow on post but for now I wanted to get the idea out there before the deadline. I really like the idea of mortising the side slats but it ended up being more trouble than it was worth and I’m not really sold on the design.

Thanks MWA for organizing this and I hope it’s a successful, yearly thing.

Here’s a to a dusty, wood-filled 2015.


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3 Responses to Last Minute Elf Contribution

  1. I prefer the look of non mitered frames. Kinda rustic’er (also not a word) and less formal. Nice work on the totes, especially the handles.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.


    • Hey Jim,

      Happy new year to you and yours as well. Lots of good stuff lined up for 2015 (for both of us I’m sure).

      Thanks for noticing the handles. it’s all done with a spoke shave. I’ll try to get into it on an upcoming post but it’s pretty simple and was my favorite part. There’s just something about a spokeshaved (probably? not a word) surface that can’t be beat.


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