Giving Thanks

After lots of travel this month I was able to get in the shop this week and bang out one of the toy boxes for Woodworkers Fighting Cancer. If you aren’t aware of this, please head over to Marc’s site and think about participating next year.

My woodworking club, North Coast Community Woodshop, decided to build a few of these and then donate the boxes. We are still waiting to figure out where to donate so if you’re in the area and know of a good place please leave a comment below.

My daughter helped paint while the turkey was cooking on Thanksgiving day. I really couldn’t have had a better week. Onto holiday projects…


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2 Responses to Giving Thanks

  1. Those toy chests are great. I gotta get me a finisher. My boys would be covered head to toe in paint.


    • I’m actually surprised by how good she is at painting. And she asks about it all the time. I figure that I’ll do anything to get her in the shop with me so if she wants to paint, let’s paint. I take one of the applesauce or hummus cups we use from Costco and fill it a little bit with paint. This way she has her own stuff and can do what she wants.

      You’re right though: she can easily get covered in paint. No oil-based paints for a while!


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