Upsides to Gumption Traps

The dovetails have been causing me angst. This isn’t always a bad thing. I’ve gotten a few other things done around the shop while procrastinating and making up excuses about the drawers.

For instance, my shooting board needed an overhaul.

I’ve been eyeing the shooting boards from Lee Valley and Lie Nielsen and thought I could benefit from a batten to help guide the plane more consistently. I mocked this up but didn’t install it thinking it wasn’t going to work. Has anyone tried this concept on a shooting board? I also thought about buying the track itself from Lee Valley but I’m not sure if it’ll work. Please leave a comment below if you have any ideas on this.


Notice the strip of maple to guide the plane (also note I had to remove the plane knob to make it fit).

I’ve also been meaning to build one of these dowel thingamabobs after seeing one a Lie-Nielsen event years ago. It turned out pretty well.

So, all has not been lost in the shop. I’ve also upgraded to 200 amp service in the entire house, which is another reason for the slowness. I’ve been doing the DIY cleanup of that. Maybe I’ll post some pics; it’s always nice to breakout your woodworking tools on DIY projects. Talk about overkill.

Also, I’ve really like what Dyami has been doing with his monthly shop episodes on youtube. I’m thinking about adding this to the blog. Any thoughts?


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2 Responses to Upsides to Gumption Traps

  1. I’ve considered using a block plane to strip wire… when I couldn’t find the wire strippers.

    Just get going on the drawers already. What’s the worst that could happen? Unless the intent is to leave the drawers open all the time, the only part that *needs* to look good is the front. If you can accomplish that while still being able to open and close the drawer, it passes the test.

    I hope I remember this comment when my first drawer comes up in a future project.


  2. I’m not sure what OSHA would say about your electrical skillz…

    On the other hand, thanks for the kick in the ass; it’s well deserved.


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