Stand Up!

Last month I saw a post from Bill Schenher at Billy’s Little Bench about getting kids in the shop. His daughter is a year or two older than my oldest. I was intrigued by the stool she was standing on so he put out a special post about the stool. Thanks Bill!

I showed my daughter the post and she asked if we could make one. Off to the scrap pile…


Oak and ash from the scrap pile

Using some scrap oak I was able to come up with enough material to make a nice little bench. It’s mostly a hand tool build with some Follansbee-esque techniques for cutting the mortises and rabbets. I was working in straight-grained oak after all.

Here are some shots of my progress so far.

The best part is that my daughter was so excited that she came down and helped me put some of the pieces together. You’ll note the costume change because she came down two days in a row. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Really.

I still need to clean things up, put some finish on it, and take some glamour shots.


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