Lumber Supplier: Is the Search Finally Over?

I found a little gem of a place not too far from my in-laws place. It’s called Homestead Hardwoods. It’s just south of Sandusky, OH. It’s only 45 minutes from my house and 15 minutes from the in-laws. Very doable.


This seems like the kind of place Chris Schwarz would dig since it has a Mid-West Woodworking vibe. It’s real laid back with quite reasonable prices. I think they cater to the wooden boat building crowd found around the island area of north-central Ohio. They have lots of wide teak and mahogany. I’ve never used either of these species but I might have to after seeing some of the boards available.

Check out this piece of 8′ x 24″ walnut for a ridiculously cheap price of $188; there is a matching piece tucked under the bottom shelf. Nuts. I should’ve bought them both but restrained since I don’t have a project requiring this board.

8' x 24" piece of choice walnut

8′ x 24″ piece of choice walnut

Here is a photo gallery from my trip a few weeks ago. If you ever need someone to tag along for a trip please let me know. I’m in.


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4 Responses to Lumber Supplier: Is the Search Finally Over?

  1. Marilyn says:

    Sweet!!! My favorite lumber yard support the boat building industry too! Unfortunately, its 2 hours and a ferry ride away .. but it a beautiful journey. 🙂


  2. Wow, your lucky to have the availability off lumber near you.


    • Hey Michael,

      I guess all things are relative, right? I don’t have nearly as much lumber available here as I did when I lived in Cincinnati. Within 45 minutes I could be at one of three great lumber dealers. And within 10 minutes I could head to Woodcraft or Rockler if I was really in a pinch. Now I’m at 45 minutes for the closest place (Homestead Hardwoods). It’s better than a four-hour round trip though. Thanks for checking out the blog.


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