For the Guitar Heros

I finally got in a little shop time over the past few days. I have made progress on the dresser but this is another post outside of that realm.

I was asked a few months ago to play guitar at my friend’s wedding. I’d never done this before, but was honored and said sure. What does this have to do with woodworking? I’m getting there. I had to restring my guitar for the occasion so I had to find a local place to buy strings. It’s amazing how many new places you have to find when you relocate. He’s another one if you’re a guitarist.

I walked into the store and saw this as inspiration:


Dead simple guitar tech setup. Duh!

I knew I had a scrap wood project on my hands when I got home. So, using leftover pieces from a guitar hanging bracket and scrap maple, I came up with the setup below. In the pictures I’m fixing up another friend’s guitar.

I wish I’d thought of this ages ago.

Next up is some progress on the dresser.


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