Cutting Boards

photo 2

Various cutting boards with their first coat of oil

I know, I know, it’s been an eternity.

When I started this blog I knew there might be times when life interfered with writing. As Billy Pilgrim taught me years ago, so it goes. Most of the delay has been caused by scant shop time dedicated to anything other than keeping the lights on at the Northcoast Community W

photo 1My contributions included making many cutting boards and volunteering time to man the booth at a few shows. We have more to come and hopefully we’ll get some membership and students to attend classes. I took on more responsibility and I’m trying to setup a larger social media presence for the group. If you’re a regular reader (yes, both of you), I’ll probably reach out. Be on the look out.

The shows were successful and we made some money. The membership still isn’t great but we’ll keep plugging along.

The next series of pictures show a few cheese boards I started over Christmas along with three I created from a scrap board I found at the shop. They are more artistic and showcase where I hope to take my furniture. The pieces started as rough boards, were broken down with hand saws, and finished up with spokeshaves and sandpaper.



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2 Responses to Cutting Boards

  1. Matt Sullivan says:

    Shawn, how did you do the butterflies in the last few photos?


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