Tips On Template Routing

I’ve been taking a quick break from the dresser to prepare for a few local festivals my woodworking club is doing. If you’re local and read this, please come see us at the Duck Tape Festival or the BAYarts Art & Music Festival (although this one isn’t confirmed). I’m working on some cutting boards from templates recently available at Woodcraft. I blogged about it here on the NCCW blog.


Grain Switch!


Tipping the router

While doing some of the template routing I thought I’d post a few things to help out my fellow woodworker. The router to me is a necessary evil but I find I screw things up more than I make things beautiful with them. Case in point, take a look at the two pictures on the right. The first shows where the grain switched directions on me and I heard the heart-sinking CRACK! sound while routing.

The second one shows what happens when you get a little tipsy with the router. It’s soooo easy to tip the router while you’re trying to move around clamps, dust collection hoses, cords, and poor lighting. In a perfect world things would be different. In my world, I just put my hybrid skillz to work. In both cases, I knew a few swipes with the hand plane could fix everything. The only difference is with the grain switch I had to break out the glue and blue tape and wait for things to dry.

Here’s how it went down:

The second problem was really a drill press problem, which turned into a router problem. I’ll save 1000 words or saw and tell you the story pictorially.

So after buying two templates, damaging one, making three more templates, damaging one, repairing both damaged templates, and then make three actual boards, here’s what I have to show for it. It sounds worse than it worse. All told, it’s really one about 20 minutes of extra work for the repairs.


I’m probably going to make some more and keep clearing out the scrap bin. It’s pretty fun and hopefully we’ll make some money for the club.


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