Not Dead Yet

I’m channeling my inner Follansbee and decided to post on several topics at once, which sums up the past few weeks in the shop.

Notes. Grandpa's Saw. Pile of maple.

Cut list notes. Grandpa’s saw. Pile of maple.

Once I got the dresser glued up, I needed to regroup and figure out my next step. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever make it this far so I only had a vague idea of what I might do after the glue up. I know there are really only three more things to do: build the drawers, build the top, and attach the back. Having never done this before I’m still not sure what the correct order is, so I decided to just start cutting stuff and see where I end up.

Nice uniform piles of parts

Nice uniform piles of drawer parts

I bought the wood for this project years ago and it’s been buried in the bottom of my lumber pile since the first part of the decade. While digging up the wood for the drawers I had to move other pieces to get to it. This turned into an exercise in culling the herd. To say it was cathartic is an understatement

I started by putting my thinking cap on and turning a bunch of “brown” maple into a series of organized roughly sawn drawer parts with just my hand saw. I still haven’t figured out what I want to do with the drawer fronts. I have a bunch of cherry waiting to be cut up but I need to think about the wood/grain selection a little more.

Yankee thrift at it's best

Old sheet goods cart (and go “Cuse)

You may have noticed in the various photos, the carcase sits a bit high on my makeshift assembly table. In fact, I had to stand on my saw bench in order to put the top web frame on the dresser. This was annoying. Fortunately, the following three things happened:

1. I’ve always wanted to build Bob Lang’s Shop Box System

2. I wanted to use some leftover CDX plywood, which used to be a sheet goods cart and had tons of weird angles.

3. I played a lot of Tetris on the original 8-bit Nintendo

All of these things culminated into a fun little power tool project, which allowed me to deplete the scrap wood pile and get the dresser into a better position for building the drawers.

The final project uses up some glued up 10/4 cherry, which I milled down to 8/4. I’ll tease out what it’s going to be with the following pics (just to add some unnecessary drama to the post). I’m sure you’ll figure it out. As I type this, the not-so-mystery project is virtually done but I haven’t had a chance to take good pictures.

I hope this post was somewhat helpful. I know it was for me. I can’t tell you how excited I am to reduce the lumber pile inventory – it speaks to both my OCD and my lumber obsession. I have a bunch of decent off cuts for cutting boards and I hope to work on those while building the drawers.

Thanks for reading.


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