Workout In the Workshop

It’s been a bit but that’s mostly because I’ve been working in the shop and not spending much time blogging. That’s a good thing. So while I’m letting the second coat of paint dry and watching some basketball I’ll try to catch you up.

I wasn’t overly happy with my sanding job from a few weeks ago. I want a rustic look to the piece but I wanted to keep the inside natural with no finish. Therefore, I had to get rid of the old stain, grime, and schmutz. The photo below shows how most of the boards looked when I started.

Typical starting point

Typical starting point

I decided to breakout the hand planes and scrapers and get my cardio on. 


Traversing the board with my trusting No. 5 from Josh Clarke.


Tapping into nearly my entire hand tool arsenal.

When it was all said and done, the boards looked like this. A little sanding cleaned them up and made them smooth to the touch.


The bottom pine board with a little hollow in the middle


The inside of the front.










The next step was to put the pieces together with cut nails and I’ll go into that in the next post.


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