Tool Gloat: McFeely’s Comes Thru

I don’t normally fall prey to marketing ploys but on Friday night at about 8 PM I saw an email from McFeely’s I couldn’t resist. They had several Festool drills at ridiculously low prices. I knew it wouldn’t last long so I talked it over with my wife (yes, we share the financial burden of the house and communicate as such). I checked the FOG and it was ablaze. At this point, I was certain wouldn’t last long and pulled the trigger.

Buyers remorse set in immediately.

Throughout the weekend I kept thinking it was going to be a joke or mistake. Maybe they’d not charge the card or the drill would be refurbished or maybe even something worse. I even had a dream the drill arrived and it was not a drill at all but some type of Sci-Fi pinchy thing like a crabs claw. I know…issues.

But then today, only one “business” day from when I ordered, I had a big ‘ol package waiting for me on my front door.

I got everything below for under $200 including shipping ($1). There was even extras that weren’t advertised.


Gloat over. Carry on.



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3 Responses to Tool Gloat: McFeely’s Comes Thru

  1. Jeff Branch says:

    So how do you like the them. I had to replace my cordless drill recently and thought about buying one, but didn’t.


    • Hey Jeff,

      I bought the small one (CXS) last year and it was a great compliment to my Ryobi 18V. It has it’s limitations when trying to chuck up larger bits. The CXS chuck is just under 3/8″. If there hadn’t been such a crazy sale I wouldn’t be the owner of a full size Festool drill. I haven’t put it through it’s paces but I’m sure it’ll be my go to drill for the next few years.


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