Bag It, Tag It

Today’s post is brought to you by hides and carcases.

I finally completed and glued up all the interior components (carcase for the non-woodworking readers) of my daughter’s chest of drawers. This seemingly small feat signifies a huge step in the ongoing saga with The Dresser. The carcase construction is really the area where my inexperience has shined the brightest. On paper the design is sound but the process to get here was full of troubleshooting and blind faith. I’m so happy it’s done.

Additionally, I used hide glue for the first time. I wanted to get some time with this product since I’ll be taking advantage of it’s slow setup time to glue the case sides to the carcase. I’ll be enlisting the help of a friend from NCCW for this though. I don’t think I can handle the stress of gluing up both sides at once on my own. Hide glue was much stickier than PVA glue, which I wasn’t expecting. I got it everywhere but since it cleans up with water it wasn’t that bad. I’m going to keep it in my arsenal but I’m not ready to abandon Titebond just yet.

Here’s a pictorial description of the process (note the first step was the bottom web frame, which I showed in another post).

One last thing. Just so you don’t think I was lying in my soundtrack post, here’s a shot of what Jam On played during the final glue up. You can’t make this stuff up.



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5 Responses to Bag It, Tag It

  1. Looking good, Sean. Can’t wait to see how it comes along.

    I’ve listened to Phish for 20 years now, but I’m not so knowledgeable to be able to recall details about certain shows, though NYE 95 is an exception. My musical taste meanders and it has been a while since I’ve heard a single note from the boys, but I always come back to them. It may be time for a home coming. Your buddy’s video brought me back. Thanks for that.


  2. Hey Jim, thanks for the comments.

    I’m not one for exact dates either. I got into Phish in college and then more into them afterward. I have to say, the Phish 3.0 era is the best yet. I think history will show them being on top of their game right now. If you can get out and see them it’ll be worth your time.


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